Inspection Checklist

At Accurate Alignment, we follow an extensive checklist for DOT Vehicle Inspection Items, which includes: 


  1. Service Brakes
  2. Parking Brake System
  3. Brake Drums Or Rotors
  4. Brake Hose
  5. Brake Tubing
  6. Low-Pressure Warning Device
  7. Tractor Protection Valve
  8. Air Compressor
  9. Electric Brakes
  10. Hydraulic Brakes
  11. Vacuum Systems


  1. Fifth Wheels
  2. Pintle Hooks
  3. Drawbar/Towbar Eye
  4. Drawbar/Towbar Tongue
  5. Safety Devices
  6. Saddle-Mounts


  1. Visible Leak
  2. Fuel Tank Filler Missing
  3. Fuel Tank Securely Attached


  1. All lighting devices and reflectors required by Section 393 shall be operable


  1. Part(s) of a vehicle or condition of loading such that the spare tire or any part of the load or dunnage can fall onto the roadway.
  2. Protection against shifting cargo


  1. Steering Wheel Free Play
  2. Steering Column
  3. Front Axle Beam And All Stern Components Other Than Steering Column
  4. Steering Gear Box
  5. Pitman Arm
  6. Power Steering
  7. Ball And Socket Joints
  8. Tie Rods And Drag Links
  9. Nuts
  10. Steering System


  1. Any exhaust system determined to be leaking at a white forward or directly below driver/sleeper compartment
  2. A bus exhaust system leaking or discharging to the atmosphere in violation of standards (1), (2), or (3)
  3. No part of the exhaust system of any motor vehicle shall be so located as would be likely to result in burning, charring, or damaging the electrical wiring, the fuel supply, or any combustible part of the motor vehicle.


  1. Any U-bolt(s), spring hanger(s), or other axle positioning part(s) cracked, broken, loose or missing resulting in shifting out and axle from its normal  position
  2. Spring assembly
  3. Torque, radius or tracking components


  1. Frame Members
  2. Tire And Wheel Clearance
  3. Adjustable Axle Assemblies (Sliding Subframes)


  1. Tires on any steering axle of a power unit
  2. All other tires


  1. Lock Or Side During
  2. Wheels And Rims
  3. Fasteners
  4. Welds


  1. Requirements and exceptions as stated pertaining to any crack, discoloration or version reducing matter (reference 393.60 for exceptions)


  1. Any power unit that has an inoperative wiper, or missing or damaged parts that render it ineffective