Why I am Not Having My Cars Serviced at the Dealership

Why I Trust Accurate Alignment

Accurate Alignment has always done great work for me and I trust them. Had my daughter’s car not already been at the import shop for some “specialty” work, we would have never considered having them look at the front-end. Let me tell you the rest of the story…

While at the import dealer for some other work, when they were doing the free “inspection”, they asked my daughter if she was feeling any vibrations or wobbles. Of course she had, but was not observant to the situation. The original estimate to my daughter was $1,300!¬† I proceeded to call the dealership¬†for her to get some more info, the the estimate suddenly was now only $900 (I think it was because “dad” was on the phone). The service “adviser” seemed not able to explain all the details, so I asked him to write-out the estimate. We were not ready to shell out this kind of money right now. When I went with my daughter to pick it up the car, the written estimate was just less than $700.

We just took the car! I called Accurate Alignment and over the phone they expected the repairs to be less than half of the original $1,300 estimate and completed the work for what they FIRST quoted, $680! Three Cheers for Scott and the team at Accurate. They have always treated me fairly and I highly recommend Accurate Alignment to anyone!

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